NOTE: This guide works currently, but might be affected by future Hotfixes. I will try to make changes accordingly.


First off, the Raid itself isn’t easy content which you can breeze through. Although it might be simple and easy for fully ENDGAME geared players, for players who don’t spend a lot of time on the game it’ll be a bit of a challenge. I do not suggest running a 4 Man Party in it unless if you’re either EXTREMELY dedicated, or just want to face the best possible challenge that the Raid has to offer currently.


Now that I got that out of the way, let me move on to the Strategy.

What me and my crew ran was simple: Nova PrimeLoki PrimeRhino Prime and Trinity.

This core of the party ensured that we have the Grineer under full control (Slowed + Disarmed/Stasis’d).

Trinity kept our Energy and Health at the max at all times.

For the builds:

Nova Prime (you don’t necessarily need Nova Prime, normal Nova works aswell) – a high Power Strength/Duration build(Intensify+Rank 2 Blind Rage or higher,Narrow Minded+Continuity/Primed Continuity), which is common for T4 Defence. Include Redirection and Vitality.

Loki Prime – a high Power Range/Efficiency build(Overextended+Stretch, Fleeting Expertise+Streamline), again common for T4 Defense. Advisable to have an Arcane Swindle Helmet.

Trinity – this is the tricky build. You should run a maxed Transient Fortitude, Fleeting Expertise to ensure the Energy Vamp bursts go really fast. Stretch + Overextended for the maximum range on Energy Vampire. To counter Ovextended, you will require either a Rank 2 Blind Rage or an Intensify. And last, but not least, Natural Talent to cast both Energy Vampire and Blessing faster, and a Flow/Primed Flow.

Rhino Prime – the reason for this frame was just the Battery carrier. Apart from high shields, which can help at the Hijack round, he is superior to the base Rhino (higher movement speed). Building him around self survivability is good enough for the Raid. Arcane Vanguard Helmet is advisable. (This Warframe is replaceable, but it was the crew’s pick for a Battery carrier. You can replace it with Frost/Frost Prime aswell.)


For each of these builds, the Auras are as follows:

Nova PrimeLoki Prime and Rhino Prime – Corrosive Projection

Trinity – Rejuvenation


NOTE: You can get Corrosive Projection on Trinity by using a Forma. It is not necessary however. In a 5 or bigger player party, just make sure to have 4 Corrosive Projection auras in the party.


And that’s about it. Here’s a video of how we did the run:

ou forgot banshee SQ , which on 3rd stage of raid , Stuns the whole area, disallowing grineer to enable consoles.


Well , yeah , it is true , but banshee makes tricky situation less tricky  cuz all mobs are DANCING! … Alos , hijack is ez with banshee cuz she doesn’t need a lot of energy to recats SQ