(ver 2.0) is a Mission type where players are tasked with extracting confidential data from enemy data servers.


Spy missions require players to locate consoles found in Data Vaults, which are special rooms featuring heavy security and advanced defense mechanisms guarding the console access terminals. Each mission will have three separate Data Vaults, of which all three must be breached and attempted before extraction becomes available. Players must breach the Data Vault rooms and then hack the access console in order to extract the data. If a Tenno trips over the Data Vault’s security features, or an enemy activates the Data Vault’s alarm, the Data Vault’s defense mechanisms and enemy reinforcements become active, and a countdown timer will initiate indicating the time until the data is wiped off the server, giving players 20 to 50 seconds (depending on difficulty) in which to attempt to reach the console and hack it.

Similar to Rescue Prison Complexes, Data Vaults often feature alternate paths and tunnels that can be used to stealthily bypass the Data Vault’s defenses, allowing for stealthy completion of a Data Vault.

End-of-mission rewards for Spy missions depends on the number of Data Vaults successfully hacked, with at least one vault hack needing to be successful in order to accomplish the mission.


Apart from enemies patrolling the rooms, the Corpus and Grineer have different emplaced defenses set up around their Data Vaults, with the defenses present depending on the variant of Data Vault. The defenses present will initiate each vault’s alarm if tripped. Some security measures can be disabled if nearby panels are hacked.


  • Security Camera: Security Cameras in Data Vaults will trigger alarms if they spot the player. It is also possible to not instantly destroy them, this will also trigger the alarm.
  • Laser Barriers: Tripping over laser barriers in Data Vaults triggers the alarms. Unlike the normal Laser Barriers, those found in Data Vaults have a variety of mechanisms to confuse players, such as laser barriers that move, and barriers that periodically deactivate.


  • Sensor Bar: Data Vault alarms can be triggered by passing through energy doors that deal Magnetic b Magnetic proc. Some energy doors in a Data Vault may not have Sensor Bars attached to them, making them impossible to deactivate.
  • Sensor Regulator: These mobile Regulator variants patrol Data Vaults, and will trigger alarms if they spot a player or take damage and survive.
  • Spark – A unique variant of the Bombard can appear as reinforcements if multiple Data Vault alarms have been tripped.

Some Data Vaults may also feature security doors and pit traps that will engage upon alarms being triggered, which can impede a player’s movement through the vault.

Whether a player succeeds or fails in retrieving the data inside the Data Vault, the vault itself will become easier to exit from: Corpus Data Vaults will have their laser defenses and any pit traps deactivated, while Grineer Data Vaults can open alternate passages that lead to the exit.


Spy 2.0
runs one after other 3 times all hacked
drops of mods is random

Void keys are random  that means in tier 3 you can get tier 2 key

Best warframe for Spy misions :Loki

Weapon :Opticor

Venus Vesper 3200 xp
tier 1 capture,Exterminate,capture
Mods: reflex guard

Venus Unda 4800xp
tier 1 sabotage,Survival,Sabotage
Mods: Vicious Frost,Vulcanic Edge

Mercury Suisei 3000xp
tier 1 Sabotage,Defense,Defense
Mods : Vulcanic Edge

Mars Martialis 5700 xp
Tier 1 Capture,Defense,Sabotage
Mods: Metal Auger,Vicious Frost,Reflex guard,Heavy impact

Jupiter Adrastea 6600 xp
Tier 1 Sabotage,Sabotage,Capture
MOds:Reflex guard,Hornet Strike,Parry,Fury,Fusion cores golden

Saturn Titan 6600 xp
Tier 1 Survival,defense
MOds:Parry,Golden Fusion cores,Vicious Frost

SAturn Aegaeon 7500 xp
Tier 2 Defense,Capture,Survival
MOds:Shocking Touch,Streamline,Blunderbuss,Speed Trigger

Uranus Umbriel 9300xp
Tier 2 Capture,
MOds:Hell chamber,Fast hads,Cryo rounds,Rime Rounds

Uranus Roselind 10200 xp
Tier 2 Defense,Capture,
MOds:Stormbringer,Vitality,North wind,Piercing hit

Neptune Sao 12000xp
Tier 2 Defense,Capture,
MOds:Steady Hands,Frigid Blast,

Neptune Laomedeia 12000xp
Tier 3 Survival,tier 2 exterminate
MOds:Steady Hands,Fusion cores,Power Throw,Frost bite

Pluto Oceanum 12000xp
Tier 3 Sabotage,capture ,tier 2 defense
MOds: sniper ammo mutation,fusion core,arrow mutation,Frigid blast

Ceres Lex 12000xp
Tier 2 sabotage
Mods:Power Throw

Ceres Hapke 12000xp
Tier 3 Sabotage
Mods: Thermite rounds

Eris Cyath 11100xp
TIer 2 Sabotage
Mods:Sniper ammo mutation
Eris Gnathos 12000xp
TIer 3 Capture
Mods:Stabilizer,Arrow Mutation

Sedna Tikoloshe 8400xp
TIer 2 Defense
Mods:Fast hands,Stormbringer

Sedna Scylla 8400xp
TIer 2 Defense
Mods:North wind,Pistol gambit
Europa Armaros 9300xp
TIer 2 Capture

Europa Valac 10200xp
TIer 2 Exterminate
Mods:Cryo rounds, quick rest