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Does this scene look familiar?

Depressing no? Well weep no more! With this guide, you will be finishing all of your syndicate runs after obtaining each and every one of those dastardly medallions.

Recommended Gear:

  • Bring Thief’s Wit (Warframe mod) and/or Loot Detector (Warframe Aura mod)
    – Medallions will be highlighted on the minimap as resource icon (mod do stack to increase range)
  • Fast melee weapon with a straight-forward air dash
    – To help fling yourself to hard-to-reach places (I personally recommend Tipedo, there’s no place it
    can’treach ;D)
  • Warframe with special warp/leap abilities (Optional)
    – To name a few: Excalibur (Super Jump), Loki (Switch Teleport), Nova (Worm Hole), etc.
    – If you have a fast melee weapon, then you don’t have to worry about what warframe you bring.
    – However, you might want to bring one incase you “accidentally” become assimilated into the map.

Don’t know what medallions are? Well I have the guide just for you! ~
Clicking HERE will direct you to my “Hunting Syndicate Medallions!” guide which includes info on:

  • What are medallions
  • How to find medallions
  • How many medallions you can find per mission
  • More basic tips on hunting medallions

With all of that said and done, here are the locations you’ve been scratching your head over!
*note: Need clarification of a location or have a location in mind that I haven’t covered? Post your inquiry in the comment section below. Include a screenshot if needed.

Corpus Gas City
[CGC] Location 1

[CGC] Location 2 (Either side of the tile, one above and the other below)

[CGC] Location 3

[CGC] Location 4

[CGC] Location 5

[CGC] Location 6

[CGC] Location 7 (Only in Rescue) (In the prision area)

[CGC] Location 8 (Only in Sabotage)

Corpus Ice Planet
[CIP] Location 1 (Near the starting point for most missions like defense or interception)

[CIP] Location 2 (In the same tile as Location 3)

[CIP] Location 3 (In the same tile as Location 2)

[CIP] Location 4

[CIP] Location 5 (Either go through the narrow passage or ride the raft and jump offf near the end)

[CIP] Location 6 (Buildings near Extraction, search them all)

Corpus Outpost/Ship
[CO] Location 1 (Either Copter+Air Dash or Zipline from the tower on the right)

[CO] Location 2 (There was a grate under the staircase the whole time o_o)

[CO] Location 3 (Jump down)

[CO] Location 4

[CO] Location 5 (Jump down, there could also be one in the orange cargo container to the left)

[CO] Location 6

[CO] Location 7 (Near Extraction)

[CO/CS] Location 8 (Only in Capture) (Search the entire top area of the escape room)

[CO] Location 8 (Only in Defense)

[CO] Location 9 (Only in Defense and Interception)

Grineer Astroid
[GA] Location 1

[GA] Location 2

[GA] Location 3 (Only in Sabotage and Survival?) (Also search the upper area where there is normally a Mining Machine)

[GA] Location 4 (Only in Rescue) (In the same tile as Location 5)

[GA] Location 5 (Only in Rescue) (In the same tile as Location 4)

Grineer Forest
[GF] Location 1 (To get through this door, use the steam from the pipe to boost your way to the ledge. Then wall-run up to the next ledge. Finally follow the path down to the loot room. Hack the console next to the door to get out)

[GF] Location 2

[GF] Location 3

[GF] Location 4 (Near Extraction) (Keep to the right and be careful of stepping on the extraction pad)

[GF] Location 5 (Only in Capture)

Grineer Galleon
[GG] Location 1 (If there is a grate in the way, destory it!)

[GA/GG/GSe] Location 2 (Only in Spy)
(Left screenshot: Wall-run or Copter+Air Dash over to the other side)
(Right screenshot: Area above the data console, follow the pipes)

Grineer Settlement
[GSe] Location 1 (Jump down :D)

[GSe] Location 2

[GSe] Location 3 (One of the many camouflaged loot holes on this tileset…)

[GSe] Location 4

[GSe] Location 5

[GSe] Location 6 (In the same tile as Location 7)

[GSe] Location 7 (In the same tile as Location 6)

[GSe] Location 8 (Only in Sabotage)

[GSe] Location 9 (Dead end tile, could have a medallion on the far end)

[GSe] Location 10 (Wall-run or Copter+Air Dash to the other side)

Grineer Shipyard
[GSh] Location 1 (Break the fan and get up there)

[GSh] Location 2 (Traverse on top of the pipes and air dash across to the far left side)

[GSh] Location 3

[GSh] Location 4

[GSh] Location 5 (Only in Hijack) (During the transporting phase of hijack, in the area before the room where the the core is lifted away)

Infested Ship
[IS] Location 1 (Above the reinforced glass panel, there is a gap where you can shoot a Explosive Corpus Barrel. By doing so, you will scare off the infested tentacle taht is blocking the grate. Enter the grate, jump up, and grab that medallion)

[IS] Location 2

[IS] Location 3

[IS] Location 4

[IS] Location 5 (If you managed to wall run up there, kudos to you *clap* *clap* *clap*)

[IS] Location 6 (Near Extraction)

[IS] Location 7 (Near Extraction)

Closing Remarks
After putting this guide together, there are definitely a few tricky locations that are left out (I only included locations which I had screenshots for). So feel free to help me, help you, help others by posting a comment on locations that need to be mentioned (a screenshot will definitely help).