Mastery is an in-game method of tracking a player’s relative skill level and how much of the game’s content they have experienced. Mastery points are earned by leveling up unique weapons and warframes, the successful completition of uncompleted mission nodes. Weapons and warframes are leveled up with Affinity.

Mastery ranks unlock level capped weapons and warframes and raise the number of times a player can trade per day. You will also be able to deploy more Extractors at higher levels.

In-game, players can view their profile and statistics (Go to the main menu and select “Show Profile” at the top left of the screen) and take a closer look at their mastery progression.

Mastery Info New


In order to be promoted to the next mastery rank, a player must pass a test which differs from rank to rank with difficulty increasing with Mastery Rank. If the test is failed, the Tenno will not be able to try again for 24 hours. Even if a test is passed, a new test cannot be started for 24 hours.

Tenno will enter the test equipped with whatever equipment is currently active in the arsenal. A Tenno cannot be in a party when qualifying itself, meaning they must complete the trial solo.

Powers can be used normally, so it is recommended to bring Team Energy Restores to keep a supply of energy on demand to ease the completion of the test.

Mastery Ranks

Experience needed for each level is calculated by the formula: 2,500 * (Rank²)

Rank Image Rank Name Rank Number Next Rank Requirement Total XP Required Test Note
None Unranked 0 0 None
Initiate Initiate 1 2,500 2,500 Exterminate Test Corpus
Rank 1-3
Silver-initiate Silver Initiate 2 7,500 10,000 Sidearm Test Grineer
Rank 1-3
Gold-initiate Gold Initiate 3 12,500 22,500 Melee Test Grineer
Rank 1-3
Novice Novice 4 17,500 40,000 Survival Test Infestation
Rank 12-15
Silver-novice Silver Novice 5 22,500 62,500 Terminal Hacking Test None
Gold-novice Gold Novice 6 27,500 90,000 Target Tracking Test None
Disciple Disciple 7 32,000 122,500 Standard Test All Factions
Rank 10-15
Silver-disciple Silver Disciple 8 38,000 160,000 Wallrun Test None
Gold-disciple Gold Disciple 9 42,500 202,500 Stealth Test Grineer
Rank 1
Seeker Seeker 10 47,500 250,000 Disappearing Platform Test Grineer
Rank 1
Silver-seeker Silver Seeker 11 52,000 302,500 Time Trial Test None
Gold-seeker Gold Seeker 12 57, 500 360,000 Carousel Test Grineer
Rank 1
Hunter Hunter 13 62,500 422,500 Advanced Disappearing Platform Test Grineer
Rank 1
Silver-hunter Silver Hunter 14 67,500 490,000 Advanced Exterminate Test All Factions
Rank 20-25
Gold-hunter Gold Hunter 15 72,500 562,000 Grineer Interception Test Three Towers
Rank 15-20
Eagle Eagle 16 77,500 640,000 Corpus Defense Test 3 Waves
Silver-eagle Silver Eagle 17 82,500 722,500 Infested Exterminate Test 35 Targets
Gold-eagle Gold Eagle 18 87,500 810,000 Corpus Defense Test 5 Waves
Rank 27-30
Tiger Tiger 19 92,500 902,500 Grineer Rescue Test Grineer
Rank 15
Silver-tiger Silver Tiger 20 97,500 1,000,000 ? Currently Unobtainable
Gold-tiger Gold Tiger 21 102,500 1,102,500 ? Currently Unobtainable
Dragon Dragon 22 107,500 1,210,000 ? Currently Unobtainable
Silver-dragon Silver Dragon 23 112,500 1,322,500 ? Currently Unobtainable
Gold-dragon Gold Dragon 24 117,500 1,440,000 ? Currently Unobtainable
Sage Sage 25 122,000 1,562,500 ? Currently Unobtainable
Silver-sage Silver Sage 26 128,000 1,690,000 ? Currently Unobtainable
Gold-sage Gold Sage 27 132,000 1,822,500 ? Currently Unobtainable
Master Master 28 138,000 1,960,000 ? Currently Unobtainable
Middle-master Middle Master 29 142,500 2,102,500 ? Currently Unobtainable
Grand-master Grand Master 30 147,500 2,250,000 ? Currently Unobtainable

Gaining Mastery Points

Below are the ways a Tenno can gain Mastery Points:

  • Leveling up Weapons, Sentinels Weapons and Archwing Weapons earn 100 mastery points for each level gained for a total of 3,000.
  • Leveling up Warframes, Companions and Archwings earn 200 mastery points for each level gained for a total of 6,000.
  • The first completion of a Mission node will earn ~58 mastery points (varying).

Each individual item (such as a weapon or warframe) only grants its Mastery XP once per level. For instance:  leveling an item to max level, selling it, then leveling it again will not result in additional Mastery. Releveling an item after Polarization results in the same situation.  However, if an item is sold, rebought, then leveled to max, Mastery XP will be gained for all levels achieved beyond the original level.  Excess mastery points are not wasted if a Tenno failed a test, the excess points will automatically fill the mastery bar once passing the test.