well to sell stuff you need to farm:

–  prime drops  in void

– syndicate mods rank 3 – rank 5

– syndicate weapon

– mods

– void key

now how to sell

Its simple however you need to spend lot time on trading chat instead playing

when it pops WTB yours name of item you have contact that player and tell him yours price if it finds yes then you can trade

For trading  you need:

rank 2 Mastery

Dojo with Trading post on it

each clan have own clan tax

that means you pay extra money on each trade

so what to type in trading chat its simple here are codes:

WTT  – means you wanna trade yours item for sommething else

WTB – means you wanna buy

WTS – means you wanna sell

its up players to trade or sell for platinum in game or trade for parts,mods,prime parts without Platinum

so now you  know codes so let sell sommething:

we type in trading chat here are examples:

WTS,WTB,WTT – name of item you selling or trading or buying – price in platiunum if you wanna add

WTS Fang prime set 20P

WTB  Fang prime set 10P

WTT Fang prime set

Platinum in end means you let know players about yours price

so a get trade done and a wanna sell again but am mastery 2

so on mastery 2 you have 2 trading

on mastery 3 you have 3 trading

and so on

Clan leaders have extra more trading points then regular clan members

i spend all my trading points what now i cant trade – yes you can trade again in 24 h