Javlok just throw it

If you got a riven for it, just remove Malignant. The more crit chance and damage will make it strong with the status counterpart.


Hema Status Grineer Shredder

This build is optimal for shredding high level grineer and corrupted grineer. The high status is extremely efficient at proccing the innate viral as well as the armor shredding corrosive. It also has the unique effect of returning health on headshots. This means heavy caliber is not recommended, but it also means that headshot punch through is extremely effective. Use wisely.


Cernos Prime: The Crowd-Sniping Weapon

The Cernos Prime introduces a new kind of weapon playstyle with its arrow-fan mechanic. Its arrows are shot side-by-side, angled so that the pattern spreads outward during flight.

You don’t snipe single enemies with this bow. Instead, you snipe -groups- of enemies. If aimed correctly, you’ll get a row of headshots on crowds when shot from far enough away, letting the pattern fan out enough. Learn what distance you find comfortable for unloading the entire pattern into one enemy, and the distance you need to snipe groups of enemies effectively.

Accuracy mods currently don’t affect the Cernos Prime, which could have something to do with the unique way it handles multishot (adding more arrows side-by-side instead of in a cone like normal weapons). Therefore, Heavy Caliber doesn’t make increase the pattern’s spread (although it would be nice if it did).

If you don’t have Pummel or Primed Cryo Rounds, you can replace them with other elemental mods, replacing the D polarity with a — if needed.


Rubico 6 forma “one hit” 12x zoom build

Well, Rubico is impact based, so you’re usually going to be using it against Corpus. If you don’t have Crash Course, use a 90% elemental.
Rubico isn’t really all that great even against Corpus – it can’t destroy the nullifier shields as effectively as a MK-1 Braton. Sure you could just bring it to low-level missions in which nullifiers don’t spawn at all but then what would be the point of using a weapon that deals hundreds of thousands of damage? ;-;

Rubico 6 Forma Build

It seems as though you really do need a lot of Formae for a build like this, however this focuses on having tons of Crit damage, although I did choose to swap Hammer Shot out for Shred, so it could be used on multiple targets. The Viral Damage will help against Fleshy Targets, which will make this a much better weapon against anything if you run 4xCP. The Status chance is not amazing, but hopefully you’ll Proc Viral here and there, which will be very helpful if you do so with a head-shot, as it SHOULD take out the enemy afterwards. Will attempt to cut down on the number of Formae, but fairly sure this much is necessary.