Warframe Mods





Acrobat Reduces stamina costs of wallrunning Vazarin Pol Uncommon
Antitoxin Adds Toxin b Toxin damage resistance Vazarin Pol Uncommon
Aviator Reduces damage taken while airborne Vazarin Pol Common
Blind Rage Increases power strength
Reduces power efficiency
Madurai Pol Corrupted
Constitution Increases knockdown recovery speed
Increases power duration
Naramon Pol Nightmare
Continuity Increases power duration Madurai Pol Rare
Diamond Skin Adds Radiation b Radiation damage resistance Vazarin Pol Uncommon
Enemy Sense Pinpoints enemy locations on minimap Naramon Pol Rare
Equilibrium Provides energy when picking up health orbs
Provides health when picking up energy orbs
Naramon Pol Uncommon
Fast Deflection Increases shield recharge rate Vazarin Pol Uncommon
Flame Repellent Adds Heat b Fire damage resistance Vazarin Pol Common
Fleeting Expertise Increases power efficiency
Reduces power duration
Naramon Pol Corrupted
Flow Increases maximum energy Naramon Pol Rare
Fortitude Adds chance to resist knockdown
Increases shield recharge rate
Naramon Pol Nightmare
Handspring Increases knockdown recovery speed Naramon Pol Rare
Heavy Impact Heavy landings create damaging and stunning shockwaves Naramon Pol Uncommon
Insulation Adds Cold b Cold damage resistance Vazarin Pol Common
Intensify Increases power strength Madurai Pol Rare
Intruder Increases hacking time Naramon Pol Common
Lightning Rod Adds Electricity b Electricity damage resistance Vazarin Pol Common
Maglev Increases slide speed Naramon Pol Uncommon
Marathon Increases maximum stamina Vazarin Pol Common
Master Thief Adds chance to unlock locked lockers Naramon Pol Rare
Narrow Minded Increases power duration
Reduces power range
Vazarin Pol Corrupted
Natural Talent Increases cast speed Naramon Pol Rare
Overextended Increases power range
Reduces power strength
Vazarin Pol Corrupted
Provoked Increases damage dealt during bleedout Madurai Pol Uncommon
Quick Rest Increases stamina recovery rate Vazarin Pol Uncommon
Quick Thinking Warframe energy is automatically used to absorb and prevent lethal damage Vazarin Pol Rare
Rage Damage to health restores warframe energy Madurai Pol Rare
Rapid Resilience Reduces status duration on self Vazarin Pol Rare
Redirection Increases maximum shield capacity Vazarin Pol Common
Reflection Damage is reflected back at melee attackers while blocking Vazarin Pol Common
Reflex Guard Warframe can automatically parry incoming attacks, and will always parry certain special attacks Vazarin Pol Rare
Retribution Adds chance to do Electricity b Electricity damage to melee attackers that damage your shields Vazarin Pol Rare
Rush Increases sprint speed Naramon Pol Uncommon
Shield Flux Warframe automatically converts shield energy into stamina when stamina is low Naramon Pol Common
Shock Absorbers Increases damage resistance when knocked down Vazarin Pol Rare
Steel Fiber Increases armor Vazarin Pol Common
Streamline Increases power efficiency Naramon Pol Rare
Stretch Increases power range Naramon Pol Uncommon
Sure Footed Adds chance to resist knockdown Vazarin Pol Rare
Thief’s Wit Displays location of containers and resources on minimap
Makes modifications visible through walls.
Naramon Pol Common
Transient Fortitude Increases power strength
Reduces power duration
Madurai Pol Rare
Undying Will Reduces bleedout rate Vazarin Pol Rare
Vigor Increases maximum health
Increases maximum shield capacity
Vazarin Pol Nightmare
Vitality Increases maximum health Vazarin Pol Common
Warm Coat Reduces amount of shields lost to ice/cryo level hazard Vazarin Pol Uncommon