Mag prime Shield Polarize ~ U17

This build is highly recommended against Corpus, she’s also really good in the Void because of high density of shield drones. Mag is best fighting against them because all Corpus units have shields and Mag’s Shield Polarize explodes those shields into a massive AOE dmg. Max Range with Overextended+Stretch for bigger AOE radius. Some power strength with Transient Fortitude+Intensify for more shield drainage and more dmg, max Efficiency with Fleeting Expertise+Streamline so that you could spam Shield Polarize and Pull. Mag doesn’t need Redirection because Shield Transference syndicate mod gives more shields while fully stacked and it also requires less mod points than max Redirection. That also saves you an extra forma. I also use Greedy Pull to pull all the loot in the area next to me, it’s an amazing augment that saves you a lot of time. Then you’re not forced to use a Carrier sentinel and pick something else. Having Arcane Coil helmet would be a huuuuge bonus since it gives 25% more range on your abilities.

Orthos Prime – Max Burst 4.7K 1.6k Per Hit. Berserker

I made this build to see what’s the maximum DPS that the Orthos Prime could reach at the time while using berserker, this is the highest i could achieve so far.
You have to check the Channeling and set the Berserker buffs to 3 in order to see the maximum DPS.

You might want to put one more forma on the weapon so you can use the Shimmering Blight or Bleeding Willow without having to sacrifice any mod slots.

The Dash polarities are placed like that so that you have more possibilites on elemental mods without having to swap any polarities.

If you are going to the Void replace the Smite mod with an elemental damage mod or Buzz Kill if you have that one.

New prime drops locations

T4Sabo = Carrier Prime Systems
T4I (A) = Carrier Prime BP
T2E = Carrier Prime Cerebrum
T3E = Carrier Prime Carapace

T4Sabo = Ash Helm
T2sur (b) = ash chassis
T1sur © = ash system
T3D © = ash bp

T1MD = Vectis BP
T4I (b) = Vectis Barrel
T3MD = Vectis Stock

Kubrows imprints

Template Identification

A Genetic Code Template does not contain the name of the Kubrow type it was created after, initially making it difficult to determine the Kubrow type when trading. Templates do show icons that correspond to a particular Kubrow type, which can be used to identify the type of Kubrow being traded:

  • IconHuras Huras Kubrow – identified by Kubrow laying low on all fours.
  • IconRaksa Raksa Kubrow – identified by Kubrow sitting upright.
  • IconSahasa Sahasa Kubrow – identified by Kubrow standing on all fours with its head low.
  • IconSunika Sunika Kubrow – identified by Kubrow pouncing with its front legs in the air.