Stance Mods



Weapon Type



Bleeding Willow A blend of strong and rapid strikes with leaping combos. Polearms Naramon Pol Rare
Blind Justice Reverse grip style emphasizing slashing and impaling strikes Nikanas Madurai Pol Uncommon
Brutal Tide Round-house attacks and leaping fists Sparring Naramon Pol Rare
Burning Wasp Chaining combos. Whips Vazarin Pol Uncommon
Clashing Forest Arcing strikes and focused combos. Staves Madurai Pol Uncommon
Cleaving Whirlwind Arcing cuts with spinning finish. Heavy Swords/Axes Vazarin Pol Rare
Coiling Viper Powerful arcing strikes with energetic flips. Whips Zenurik Pol Rare
Crimson Dervish Strong whirlwind attacks Swords Madurai Pol Rare
Crossing Snakes Multi-angle strikes and deadly thrust attacks. Dual Swords Naramon Pol Rare
Crushing Ruin Arial attacks with crowd control combos. Hammers Madurai Pol Rare
Decisive Judgement Fierce, double-handed strikes Nikanas Madurai Pol Rare
Eleventh Storm Rapid attacks Sword and Shield Madurai Pol Uncommon
Flailing Branch Lifting Strikes and whirlwind combos. Staves Unairu Pol Rare
Fracturing Wind Fast attacks and high finishing attack damage. Fists Unairu Pol Uncommon
Gemini Cross A style exhibiting sweeping slash attacks and swift jabs. Tonfas Madurai Pol Uncommon
Gleaming Talon Fast arcing strikes. Glaives Naramon Pol Rare
Gnashing Payara Lunging punctures with impaling spirals. Dual Daggers Unairu Pol Rare
Grim Fury Lightning fast hit chains and hard hitting combos. Sparring Unairu Pol Uncommon
Homing Fang Fast strikes, many hits. Daggers Naramon Pol Uncommon
Iron Phoenix Fast cutting attacks with punctures finish. Swords Unairu Pol Rare
Malicious Raptor Puncturing strikes and quick slashes. Claws Madurai Pol Rare
Pointed Wind Spiral strikes, lifting combos. Daggers Madurai Pol Rare
Reaping Spiral Far flung attacks and multi-hit combos Scythes Naramon Pol Uncommon
Rending Crane Downward cuts with an impact combo. Heavy Swords/Axes Madurai Pol Uncommon
Seismic Palm Methodical strikes with reaching combos. Fists Vazarin Pol Rare
Shattering Storm Methodical strikes and high impact combos. Hammers Vazarin Pol Uncommon
Sinking Talon Strong, focused attacks with multi-hit spins. Dual Daggers Zenurik Pol Uncommon
Stalking Fan Lunging spirals and shattering combos. Scythes Zenurik Pol Rare
Shimmering Blight Fast spinning attacks and staggering strikes. Polearms Zenurik Pol Uncommon
Sundering Weave Steady chopping strikes with focused damage. Machetes Zenurik Pol Uncommon
Swirling Tiger Fanning, multi-hit strikes. Dual Swords Zenurik Pol Uncommon
Tranquil Cleave Powerful arcs with frenzied combo. Nikanas Madurai Pol Rare