Vulklok 5.3k Burst DPS 3 Forma | Viral+Radiation

Pretty balanced build for this incredible sentinel weapon with high status and critical chance, with also viral and radiation statuses which are really effective versus Grineer.
Those 3 formas are needed.


Full DPS stinger

The idea of this configuration is to bring the full potential sentry gun, the basic can be changed to suit the user.

Prime Laser Rifle 2k DPS Void Build

This is a crit build for Prime Laser Rifle, because i found out that crit builds for this weapon give the highest amount of DPS. It uses Heavy Caliber tho so it has a loss in accuracy.

Laser Rifle (Sentinel) Best Build

This modset enhances the DPS of the Laser Rifle weapon of your Sentinel (most likely worm). It has a very good fire rate and puncture damage, which the Shred and Metal Auger mods enhance.