Baro Ki’Teer, also known as the Void Trader, is a character known for his love of the exotic and the luxurious, especially those involving the Orokin Void. He involves himself with the Tenno by selling various rare artifacts and valuable items unavailable anywhere else.

As a trader, Baro Ki’Teer makes appearances within the Concourse section of the Tenno Relays, although his presence is not constant; he makes appearances every two weeks, and is only available for trading for up to 48 hours after surfacing before disappearing. A countdown timer displayed on the two Void Trader Kiosks found in the Concourse section of the Relay shows the time until Baro Ki’Teer becomes available for trading, and also displays the time remaining until he leaves.


Little is known about Baro Ki’Teer aside from his conceited attitude, to the extent where he looks down on Tenno without Prime gear. In spite of this, Baro Ki’Teer has shown a willingness to aid the Tenno for a price, as he was the one who provided the data to construct the Archwings. Much of his dialogue heralding his arrival suggests that he has access to the Void and has entered it to locate rare treasures, an impressive feat indeed, considering the rarity of some of the items suggests a great deal of risk.

Operation Cryotic Front and Operation: Gate Crash

Referring to himself as a “Mystery Associate”, Baro Ki’Teer anonymously contacts the Tenno, offering his assistance to combat the threat of the Balor Fomorians. He explains that he will give them the technology needed to defeat the Fomorians (as well as additional rewards for exceptional performance), but in exchange the Tenno must harvest Cryotic, which (at the time) can only be excavated on certain planets of the Solar System. As the Tenno collect Cryotic and get additional rewards, Baro Ki’Teer reveals that he needs the Cryotic to preserve the Martian Oasis Jellyfish, a delicacy that spoils easily during transport.

In a series of deals following the event, Darvo reveals Baro Ki’Teer’s identity to the Tenno, commenting that he does this to make him appear mysterious to his clients. He reveals that he decided to sample the Jellyfish, exchanging a crate full of Prime blueprints and two Argon Crystals to do so, only for his throat to swell up for a few days as a result. This suggests that Darvo revealed Baro Ki’Teer’s identity solely to spite him.

The opening message for Operation: Gate Crash reveals that Baro Ki’Teer gave the Tenno a datamass containing information about an ancient piece of technology; the Archwing, the centerpiece of the Tenno’s plans to defeat Vay Hek’s Balor Fomorians.


All items sold by Baro Ki’Teer require Ducats as payment, a unique currency that can only be acquired by exchanging Prime parts at one of two of the Ducat Kiosks in the Relays. Prime weapon parts, Prime Warframe components, and Prime Blueprints can be exchanged, with rarer parts being worth more Ducats.



Baro Ki’Teer sells a limited stock of unique items from the Void. His selection of stocks changes with each appearance, making his items limited in availability.


Item Cost Date
Primed Continuity
Credits64‍ 100,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 350 2014, December 12 – 14
2015, February 20 – 22
Primed Ravage
Credits64‍ 100,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 280 2014, December 12 – 14
Prime Eos Chest Plate
Credits64‍ 75,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 125 2014, December 12 – 14
2015, February 20 – 22
Mara Detron
Credits64‍ 200,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 500 2014, December 12 – 14
Primed Flow
Credits64‍ 110,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 350 2014, December 26 – 28
2015, March 6 – 8
Primed Point Blank
Credits64‍ 110,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 300 2014, December 26 – 28
Prime Eos Shoulder Plate (Left)
Credits64‍ 75,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 50 2014, December 26 – 28
2015, March 6 – 8
Prime Eos Shoulder Plate (Right)
Credits64‍ 75,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 50 2014, December 26 – 28
2015, March 6 – 8
Primed Fast Hands
Credits64‍ 120,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 375 2015, January 9 – 11
Primed Heavy Trauma
Credits64‍ 100,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 350 2015, January 9 – 11
Prime Eos Spurs (Left)
Credits64‍ 50,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 65 2015, January 9 – 11
Prime Eos Spurs (Right)
Credits64‍ 50,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 65 2015, January 9 – 11
Primed Heated Charge
Credits64‍ 175,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 350 2015, January 23 – 25
Pyra Sugatra
Credits64‍ 200,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 100 2015, January 23 – 25
Prisma Gorgon
Credits64‍ 50,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 600 2015, January 23 – 25
Primed Reach
Credits64‍ 220,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 300 2015, February 6 – 8
Primed Pistol Mutation
Credits64‍ 140,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 400 2015, February 6 – 8
Prisma Veritux
Credits64‍ 150,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 550 2015, February 6 – 8
Prisma Sigil
Credits64‍ 50,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 50 2015, February 6 – 8
Prisma Yamako
Credits64‍ 250,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 400 2015, February 20 – 22
Prisma Liset Skin
Credits64‍ 150,000 + PrimeBucks‍ 120 2015, March 6 – 8