Archwing Missions


Sector Type Faction Level
Mercury Caduceus Exterminate Grineer 7 – 9
Earth Erpo Mobile Defense Grineer 10 – 12
Venus Montes Exterminate Corpus 13 – 15
Mars Syrtis Mobile Defense Corpus 16 – 18
Jupiter Galilea Sabotage Corpus 19 – 21
Saturn Pandora Exterminate Grineer 22 – 24
Uranus Caelus Interception Grineer 25 – 27
Neptune Salacia Defense Corpus 28 – 30
Eris Jordas Golem Assassinate Assassination Infestation 32 – 34

Corpus Defense on Neptune Salacia has a difficult enemy scaling property, which is probably a bug. The level of enemies at each wave is based on time in mission instead of on Wave number, as though it were a Survival mission. A cautious and defensive approach staying by the objectives will take 40 min or longer, and you will see enemies over level 100 before reaching the weapon rewards at Wave 20. Enemies this strong risk destroying the objectives in a single shot. Instead, you must rush around aggressively killing everything to end waves ASAP, this way the 20 waves can be completed in less time thus facing enemies of reasonable levels. Recommend bringing Enemy Radar Auras to find stragglers and Elytron Archwings with high power range and power strength to kill enemies through walls.

Part Locations

Certain Archwing missions can reward components for various Archwings and Archwing weapons upon completion. Exterminate, Sabotage and Mobile Defense missions can yield weapon parts, while Interception missions can reward parts every 4 Rounds and Defense every 20 waves.

IconGrineerOn Grineer Exterminate (Mercury) IconCorpusOn Corpus Exterminate (Venus)

Weapon Part 32px Phaedra ReceiverWeapon Part 32px Velocitus ReceiverWeapon Part 32px Velocitus BarrelWeapon Part 32px Velocitus Stock

IconGrineerOn Grineer Mobile Defense (Earth) IconCorpusOn Corpus Mobile Defense (Mars)

Weapon Part 32px Dual Decurion ReceiverWeapon Part 32px Kaszas HandleWeapon Part 32px Phaedra BarrelWeapon Part 32px Velocitus Receiver

Weapon Part 32px Dual Decurion RecieverWeapon Part 32px Kaszas HandleWeapon Part 32px Phaedra BarrelWeapon Part 32px Velocitus Receiver

IconGrineerOn Grineer Exterminate (Saturn) IconCorpusOn Corpus Sabotage (Jupiter)


Weapon Part 32px Dual Decurion BarrelWeapon Part 32px Rathbone HeadWeapon Part 32px Rathbone HandleWeapon Part 32px Fluctus BarrelWeapon Part 32px Centaur Aegis

IconGrineerOn  Grineer Interception (Uranus) IconCorpusOn Corpus Defense (Neptune)

GenericArchwingHarness Elytron HarnessGenericArchwingWings Elytron WingsGenericArchwingSystems Elytron SystemsWeapon Part 32px Fluctus StockWeapon Part 32px Centaur Blade

Weapon Part 32px Phaedra StockWeapon Part 32px Kaszas BladeWeapon Part 32px Corvas BarrelWeapon Part 32px Corvas Stock Weapon Part 32px Onorix Blade