Red Furax For Valkyr

Great red crit build for Valkyr
I use berserker on normal frames and use Spoiled Strike on my valkyr moded for max power and duration Endless war sure there is no elemental combo it it but the red crits are great
2016-05-15 20_55_19-Warframe Builder

Twin Kohmak 5 forma – {NO PRIMED MODS} (110K – 553K DAMAGE PER MAGAZINE)

5 forma, no primed mods setup. due to kohmak’s unique spool up, the least amount of damage per magazine is 110k (2*80*692) and the maximum 553k (10*80*692), + the innate 1m punch through, make for a viable crowd control weapon. For corpus, switch out the third elemental mod for an expel corpus, and for grineer, move around the second, third and fourth mod around to get viral + radiation

2016-05-15 20_51_28-Warframe Builder

Spira Prime – Crit and Elemental Build

This is the build that I use which has all of the essential mods. Corrosive damage is made to enhance damage against armored foes during uncoordinated public matches. The Primed Heated Charge is used due to its MASSIVE damage bonus and the rest of the mods are self explanatory. Don’t be fooled by the builds which tote doing higher damage per second. Damage per second at the cost of damage per shot leads to a sharp decline in ammo economy. What good is “80K DPS BOLOR PRIME BEST DPS” when you run out of bullets in 2 seonds?

2016-05-15 20_47_27-Warframe Builder