Saryn Prime Goddess Build

This is the Saryn Prime build you want. With Regenerative Molt and Rage, you will never run out of energy, thus making efficiency less important than usual. Max range though, is very important in order to spread her Spores and Miasma the best. Couple that with decent duration and you won’t have to spam her 1 & 4 all the time. The procs will take care of itself, and keep spreading to newly spawned enemies for a decent period of time.

Intensify makes up for some of the lost strength, but with Saryn after her rework, you shouldn’t focus as much on strength. 70% is more than enough, you won’t be able to deal much more dmg anyway, and the procs are what’s most important here.

This is arguably the best balanced build out there, and I’ve tested it myself on the battlefield and in the Simulacrum: I am practically unkillable, and keeping up my energy pool is easier than ever.

I’ve unlocked the Exilus mod slot on my Saryn and run her with Power Drift, but that requires a Forma too. I decided to leave it out of this build, since it isn’t a necessity.

My preferred weapon with Saryn Prime, is a shotgun (Boar Prime), throwing knives w/ Concealed Explosives (Spira Prime/Hikou Prime) and the Nikana Prime. These kinds of weapons will help pop the Spores best, and my Nikana w/ Life Strike is useful when I’m almost about to die and I have to think quickly.

Oh and finally, if you still have trouble keeping up her health even with Regenerative Molt and Rejuvenation, might I suggest using a melee with Life Strike on it. Works wonders. The Nikana Prime already has a D polarity, making it almost essential.

2016-03-03 17_13_11-Warframe Builder