Wukong The 5-ever Monkey King

This is a safe, no-forma required, 2-4 build that will take any player into lv.100+ territory, results may vary on player. Once you approach lv.115+ though(personally tested on NUOVO, CERES), you have to be on your “A-Game” and strike!

**Main Focus**
Wukong’s end-game survival is centered around Defy and responsibility with energy and HP, so extend Defy’s duration without losing power efficiency, power strength, AND power range in that order from most important to least.

**Why worry about efficiency, strength, and range, too?**
Wukong’s Defy and Primal Fury are TOGGLES and having as light of an impact on his energy reserves as possible will allow more time in both skill modes when you are in high levels of combat. High duration with any fair amount of efficiency will heavily reduce the energy drain amount on Wukong’s Defy and Primal Fury. Proof of this is clearly shown in this build page’s DETAILS section. Normally, keeping Defy and Primal Fury on together would cost Wukong EIGHT energy per second, but this build is reducing that burden by over half with a bit less than THREE energy per second. You get to also have room to perform energy channeling with your melee or Iron Staff for more damage.

Losing power Strength weakens the effectiveness of Wukong’s 1/2/4 skill, and we DO NOT want to weaken Defy’s proc returns, and losing power RANGE weakens his 1/3/4 skills and crowd control capabilites, more importantly his Iron Staff’s strike range and chances to hit a high number of enemies and leaving Wukong working harder to increase the COMBO COUNTER while in Primal Fury.

Do know that the number of hits landed while in Primal Fury increases the staff’s length and that this is not an excuse to neglect power range TOO much if you can help it. Wukong does have his Cloud Walker skill to think about for quick and fair/sort of small crowd control for melee finishers and recasting his Defy on the fly.

Now, I said the word “safe” to describe the build. This is because of Steel Fiber. Having diminishing returns each time Defy procs the effect from the initial cast, you may put yourself at high risk of being “1-shot’d” while recasting Defy to normalize your life and energy levels. The mod is there to provide a stronger armor buffer while recasting. A risky option with higher returns would be the CONSTITUTION mod to add about a bit less than 2-seconds more on Defy and allowing faster knockdown recovery. Swap Steel Fiber with Vitality since they match in polarity and take out Steel Fiber for Constitution. After that, adding on more ranks to any mods means adding forma to the build… but remember what was written above!

In Short:
Keep Defy active (recast when needed)
Iron Jab for single crowd control versus dangerous targets (the combo counter help it, so FYI)
Cloud Walk for melee finishers and creating a safe window of time to recast Defy
Primal Fury for heavy duty melee fun
LIFE STRIKE ON YOUR MELEE! You want to make sure you can cycle your hp and energy easily.

Fun Facts: Wukong can “dodge roll” while in CLOUD WALKER even though this punishes him with energy drain(based on efficiency and distance traveled) and the MIOS charge attack, with and without Reach(pr/vanilla), with Life Strike on it is a fun way to recover life and energy while in high level combat whenever Defy’s immortality effect is NOT active. Think of it as a monkey tail whip. 😛 CHEERS!

Advance Options(getting risky, but defy will benefit more):
Add a “V” and ” – ” polarity
Open up the EXILUS slot (slot#10/ next to aura slot)
Put in a non-maxed RUSH in the EXILUS slot (unless planning on more forma)
Have all mods MAXED
*if you dont want to lose a LOT of range in your abilities, slap in Stretch over Constitution and maxed Rush
Faster running Wukong (personal dislike of sprint speeds less than 1.0)
+50 more energy
14-second Defy proc duration
Combined energy drain per second of Defy and Primal Rage is only TWO PER SECOND
Wukong’s Iron Staff is shorter than the “safe” build
Cloud Walker offers less protection from crowds if planning on recasting Defy while enemies are stunned