Wukong Defy & Primal Fury – Melee Wukong Build

here I’ll try to explain my melee Wukong build. I thoroughly tested this, and survived a 1-hour T4 Survival with this, so I’d say it’s pretty decent.

– Duration Mods –

I primarily went duration out of two reasons. First, if you have full duration, you nearly have the same energy efficiency as if you’d go full Energy Efficiency, but more, because if you go full efficiency, your duration goes down by 60%, which is really much. Your 4 drains 1.1 energy per second with this build.

The second reason are Defy and your Cloud. If your Defy triggers now, you have 14 seconds of invulnerability, which is more than enough to get yourself to safety. Your cloud lasts now ~80 seconds, which is insanely long and will allow you to get to safety really quickly too.

– Rage –
The main reason behind Rage is, that you are pretty much invulnerable with your defy, because you get more energy than you loose with this combination. And additionally, it helps to get you energy for your LifeStrike. (I recommend using that on your melee weapon.)

– Stretch –
Your Narrow Minded pulls down your range really much. But since you are Wukong and your 4 profitizes from Range really heavily, you want to atleast get it up again a little bit. You don’t want to go Overextended, because otherwise your 4 would not really deal more damage than while you’re not using it.

– Intensify –
Well, this mod could be replaced with pretty much everything of your choice. I went with Intensify, to get that little bit of extra bonus damage on my 4. You could also go with Streamline, to increase your efficiency or anything else, really. I just prefer the damage variant, because I get more than enough energy through Rage, later on in the mission.

– Your weapon of choice –
You want to have a high range and high attack speed melee weapon. Why? Because your 4 profitizes ALOT of it. You hit pretty much in a 7m radius around you with a high attack speed, which leads to insanely fast enemy clear. I’ve went with an Orthos Prime, which had Berserker, Fury, Corrosive/Cold and Life Strike (And a few other mods, but those are the main ones.) You’re free to go anything else, as long as it’s not Bo Prime, because that weapon has NO slash damage, which is completely useless against Grineer/Void.