Ivara, Balanced Build. Max Efficiency, Great Duration

This is my go-to build for any mission.

With maximum efficiency you can stay in Prowl for the length of an entire mission, which is recommended as you can see, her defenses are really low, probably lowest in the game because of which, in my experience, I didn’t really see the point to put on maxed Redirection or Vitality, it won’t make much of a difference, because if enemies can’t see you, how would they shoot at you.
This works amazingly in solo runs, but try to stay out of cross fire during squad runs, you could just put a zip line to build your own ‘higher ground’ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You could put on Quickthinking somewhere but Prowl is pretty amazing, it’s like a combination of Desecrate and Invisibility (/^▽^)/ with bonus dmg on headshot while in it; even movement restriction isn’t too much, just roll with it; no really, Prowl doesn’t break if you roll (see what I did there? no? no?…. ok…) stay in Prowl all the time.

196% Duration makes Quiver’s cloak bubble extremely useful, put it on downed allies or those who aren’t doing very great :P, or someone’s dog.

I kept strength comparatively low, since it not really necessary for Ivara. Artemis Bow uses Primary Rifle mods and even with +30% strength, I got around 100k crit dmg 80% of time which is more than enough for any end game runs.

I am going to put Power Drift mod in that excilus slot, 30% chance to resist knockback and 15% Strength as soon as site makes it available in the database, Edit 1: which I just did 😀