SARYN -T4 overpowerd 60+ Heavily revisted U 17.10.1

Saryn has been revisted / re-worked

1: Transient Fortitude to increase all skills damage including Contagion Cloud and Regenerative Moult augment better then intensify better then Blind Rage (you will need some effeciency)
2: Primed Flow, Energy pool is buffed hell yea!!!
3: Vitality, saryn has avarage armour which makes Health also nice for Regenerative Moult
4: Primed Continuity, since 17.10.1 she needs duration on all or her skills also handy for Contagion Cloud Augment
5: Stretch, most ranged enemies will not be affected by the defaults Toxic blast radius
6: Streamline, better Effeciency is more spamming
7: Contagion Clouds, killing enemies with your 3th will leave a trail of toxic clouds behind which will help you kill enemies when casting Miasme
8: Regenerative Moult, get full Health back over 13 sec. perfect life saver especialy because DE lowerd her Health
9: Rush, Saryn still belongs to the slowest warframes

Arcane Chlora Helmet is a bit useless right know maybe the will re-work the power on the helmet

Contagion Cloud augement toxic enemies behind you when proceeding on giving you the advantage for x2 multiplier with miasma, it also STACKS!!! with Duration, Range, and Strength

need rage?:
You can change Stretch, Streamline or Contagion Cloud / Regenerative Moult

-Steel Fiber

For me this works incredible well on Survival, Exterminate, T4 50+Min. or infested missions

17.10.0 / 17.10.1 SHE IS STILL I BETA FASE means everything can still adjust or changed

Recomended weapons are: Galatine + Reach, Soma / Boltor with toxic or viral, Phage, Scoliac + Range attack speed

why 3 forma? because everyone who already owned and used her probaly did forma her 3 times for max. uses

Good luck Tenno!