Vaykor Hek (6 forma 118k Burst crit build)

Currently one of the costliest weapons to build. This requires 2 prime mods to achieve it’s maximum potential and a neat 6 forma since it came without polarities (hopefully DE fixes this).

Basically point and shoot and if you crit, they will feel this.
Don’t forget crit multiplier on head shots will make your damage skyrocket.
So no point fitting Vicious spread on this baby.

The increased mag size also makes punch through a little less necessary.
Although crit chances look low, but remember it is 47% chance to crit, PER pellet.
So each pellet has 47% chance to crit, so not too shabby.


If you want slightly faster reload speed and punch through.
Remove one of the elemental and squeeze in Seeking Fury,