Synoid Simulor DPS & Utility

A first build effective enough, with a good DPS and good Controls, for only 3 Forma (Builder says four, but I just change the position for Cryo Rounds and Infected Clip).
The Synoid Simulor is a really good weapon with a good DPS and great supporting, the vortex AOE is very large and each “tics” can apply status.

Split Chamber allows faster formation for the black hole but it can be replaced, if you want more status you can add Malignant Force, for me i prefer Split Chamber.

If you use Split Chamber, Rime Rounds or Malignant force is the same, you can use ice or poison, as you wish.

Radiation is relatively effective, all “tics” from the vortex can apply radiation, so with the large AOE, it’s really cool.

For Viral it’s your choice, but i like playing with these three status.
For example TIV 50minutes, Synoid Symulor stay very strong.

Ps: It’s still early to get the best build possible, but this is the one I currently use, and I love it.

Good luck Teenos.