Akvasto – 43.5k burst DPS

Hey there, I like the Akvasto. While they may not be good, I enjoy using them.


Personally I’d take another elemental than a MagForce, because I think the accuracy loss is too great. (That and it’s pretty damn expensive to max it.)

Regarding that Jolt, you could probably switch it out with different dual-stat, a faction mod if you wanted to. You could also slot on Ice Storm for that extra clip size and Blast damage, or even just replace Jolt for a reload speed / stunning speed for a chance to proc more, but with how dilute the procs are with the inclusion of I/P/S, I would recommend against that.


If you wanted to take this into higher levels, just swap out Convulsion for Deep Freeze (gives you Viral & Radiation, but you could work it around to pure Viral + Heat), and you should be set!