This is my build for Equinox. I often find myself feeling a bit like god when I use this build. Of course, for the build to work due to equinox’s dual play style, I need to tell you how I play.

I mainly run the day/offense mode. The maximum efficiency keeps my maim going FOREVER (thx DE for primed flow ;D) and the reach mod keeps the range to a reasonable radius. The strength mods make it so that rather than the default 75% of the damage is stored for when maim is toggled, roughly 139% of the damage is stored. This allows for you to nuke more frequently and because of only using the reach mod, it concentrates the damage more. (Fewer enemies in the radius = more damage per enemy) When you are in a tight spot, you can switch to night/defense mode (courtesy of natural talent) very quickly and use mend to get your health up. This is how I play and I find this build works the best.

*EDITED*::: I switched out the firewalker for mobilize and I got rid of the firewalker and a forma! I find I prefer mobilize as it is easier to max out and is easier to get. You also get a bigger maneuvering boost!

This build is meant for more mid-late game. For start-game I recommend switching out natural talent for overextended. YOU WILL FEEL THE GODWALKER!