Jaw sword The Hexis Blade (up to 837/1788 dmg per hit)

Thanks to the Blade of Truth Weapon Augment Mod, wielders can instantly regenerate a full quarter of their health once a full syndicate meter activates PLUS deliver GAS damage, fine for all but grineer, PLUS be a strong enough damage mod to outclass Jagged Edge, Buzz Kill, and even “Smite” mods in dps. With that in mind, there can be a couple of formats for modding the Jaw Sword:
-Pressure Point
-Spoiled Strike
-Blade of Truth
-Element Mod
-Element Mod
-Element Mod

The placeholder “***” is so the user is allowed flexibility for the following 2 of 4 mods below:
-Fury, more strikes per second and counters Spoiled strike’s speed drop
-Smite <Faction>, non- void dps boost
-Killing Blow, more than doubles damage when comparing un-channeled to channeled
-Life Strike, Life Steal effect per strike for survival in a pinch

There are 6 forms to choose from total, so this gives the Jaw Sword more potential than just being a trophy blade on your Liset walls.

A more personal choice has been to go with Fury + Life Strike for faster life stealing strikes, but for the sake of showing damage over utility, a more damage potent build will be shown, but it’s your taste, so go nuts with the Hexis boost on the Jaw Sword. It’s worth it!

My thoughts: They CAN supplement a weapon if the weapon has enough of the base stats for it. That being said, perhaps only Buzz Kill would be better fitting as an “element substitute” for if a regular element mod is not at max 90%, but the problem would be when and where to use Buzz Kill without affecting balanced dps dealt within a faction.
In other words, regarding the Jaw Sword only(due to its stats), 90% element > Buzz Kill > 60% element, bringing up the thought of what is a Smite Mod’s strength when compared to Buzz Kill. From personal experience, the Smite mod would likely win against the Buzz Kill mod only because of the Element mods required for balanced dps for most factions unless the only element mods available do not go as high as 210% combined/totaled, and Buzz Kill is being questioned in regards to whether or not it should replace the Smite mod.
With all of that said, a build for the grineer can actually have some variety! Buzz Killl can be a choice 3rd element when against the grineer along with a 2-element radiation combo for a stronger, yet balanced, build. A thanks to those who made me open up options in the Jaw Sword’s potential.