Akvasto – 43.5k burst DPS

Hey there, I like the Akvasto. While they may not be good, I enjoy using them.


Personally I’d take another elemental than a MagForce, because I think the accuracy loss is too great. (That and it’s pretty damn expensive to max it.)

Regarding that Jolt, you could probably switch it out with different dual-stat, a faction mod if you wanted to. You could also slot on Ice Storm for that extra clip size and Blast damage, or even just replace Jolt for a reload speed / stunning speed for a chance to proc more, but with how dilute the procs are with the inclusion of I/P/S, I would recommend against that.


If you wanted to take this into higher levels, just swap out Convulsion for Deep Freeze (gives you Viral & Radiation, but you could work it around to pure Viral + Heat), and you should be set!

Embolist Embolist Full status destruction build

The beauty of this insanely short range weapon is brought to full bear with it’s high status chance, high rate of fire, and it’s immense damage. not the best secondary in the game, but this build pushes it to top tier, for those seeking suicidal game play methods, like myself.

Furis Medic gun for tanks

heal yourself with this astounding device! works best on tanky frames; dmg falls off quickly but thats just the nature of the furis; toss up between seeker and 90%elemental, test in practice and decide for yourself

Seer The Only Reasonable Build for this Weapon

Seriously, don’t use this gun. It is not worth building. The seven forma on this build is just a joke so you would think it is worth building. It’s not. Not even close. Don’t waste your time, DE already wasted it by coding in this piece of junk.

Vaykor Marelok 8000D by shot

we can make more by adding more! we pass of 6000 to 8000 for the price of less ammos in a magazin, 2 formas and less status chance. but hey, 2000 damage more still 2000 damage more. we need to sacrifice to get more. tenno, are you ready to sacrifice?!

Amprex *6 Forma* Void “RED CRITS” Build

This is the mainstream combo of corrosive+cold damage build for void. The only different thing about the build is that you go over the 100% critical chance, which will give you moderate chance to do “RED CRITS”. Those “RED CRITS” do a lot more damage than regular yellow criticals. If you don’t understand the mechanics about this “new” critical hit system, you can take a look at warframe wiki – http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Critical_Hit_%28Mechanic%29 . Also if 6 formas are too much for you, then you can switch to 5 forma with the same mods, but you must reduce the rank of “Point Strike” by 2 and remove the V polarity, but that will reduce your critical hit chance to 100% and thus you wont be able to do “RED CRITS”.

Boar Max Damage build

This is a great build for the Boar shotgun. It is not as fast or strong as the Boar Prime, but this shotgun is the next best thing when it comes to fully automatic shotguns. The Corrosive and Blast elemental combo is good for nearly anything on the game. I actually like the slower fire rate on the Boar because it has less recoil and it is easier for me to get a headshot when I am using Hushed invisibility Loki.