Dual cleavers Valkyr’s Dual Cleavers (Hysteria) (Steel Meridian)

With the introduction of the syndicate mod for Dual Cleavers, Dual Cleavers have become the best weapon to use with Valkyr’s Hysteria. Hysteria uses Base Damage mods, the Critical Chance from both the mods and the weapon, and the Critical Damage from both the mods and the weapon. Many melee weapons have the same Critical Chance and Critical Damage as Dual Cleavers, what sets Dual Cleavers apart from the others is it’s syndicate mod which increases Base Damage, making it the best to use with Hysteria for now. Crossing Snakes and Buzz Kill do not benefit Hysteria at all and are entirely optional, but they do give Dual Cleavers some use when you are not in Hysteria mode. While Life Strike does not benefit Hysteria directly, the Life Steal would be useful in regenerating Health when you do not have the Energy to use Hysteria.