Ankyros prime Fists of fury (Berserker, Crit build) [PRIMED mod]

n this build we added Point strike & Spoiled strike for overall base damage (don’t worry about spoiled strike’s attack speed penalty since it’s going to be countered with the berserker attack speed buff), also we added PRIMED heavy trauma (If you don’t own this mod or don’t have it fully ranked [if your’s is over 120% impact damage use it over any other of the following 2] feel free to swap it out for the normal heavy trauma or the event mod Collision force)then the core of this build would be the crit mods (True steel & Organ shatter) and their synergy with berserker, ankyros prime has a really good base crit chance at 20% we amplify this with true steel to make berserker proc more often, also ankyros has a base 2.0x crit damage multiplier, that’s why we added organ shatter to push that damage even further, finally we have our 2 elementals (this may vary based on the faction, I recommend taking corrosive to void & infested, radiation against grineer and magnetic when fighting against corpus) this mods are the 90% ones to boost the damage even further when this weapon crits.