Akjagara [PRIMED] 1 SHOT 1 KILL 3,6K BULLET [86.4K DMG/MAG]

First thing to know is low capacity magazine weapons with high damage per bullet dont need fire rate modifications but those weapons need directly dmg buff which gives better damage per bullet. So this bulid is focused on highest damage output to kill enemies effectivley(high dmg per bullet) and economicaly(high dmg per mag) including 1 shoot 1 kill lesser enemies it is:
– Saving bullets
– Saving time so you can aquire next enemy
– High Dmg output for harder enemies so its mean you dont need to reload another mag to kill harder enemies like in the case of rate of fire mods which are rasining only burst dps which is good but for high magazine weapons.

This bulid required:
– Maim mod
– Primed Heated Charge

Elementals are easy to change to the desired enemy type, but still if you dont have Maim or Primed Heated Charge mod you can use instead Deep Freeze(60% cold dmg) and normal Heated Charge mod.

Comparision to other Bulids in dmg per magazine/bullet

My bulid:

Mag – 86400
Bullet – 3600

AkJagara – Max Burst 64k & Sustained 21k. Special Mods
Mag – 73680
Bullet – 3070

AkJagara- High Burst 53k & Sustained 18k. Common Mods.
Mag – 62088
Bullet – 2587

Perfect Killer Build

Mag – 63120
Bullet – 2630

Kubrows imprints

Template Identification

A Genetic Code Template does not contain the name of the Kubrow type it was created after, initially making it difficult to determine the Kubrow type when trading. Templates do show icons that correspond to a particular Kubrow type, which can be used to identify the type of Kubrow being traded:

  • IconHuras Huras Kubrow – identified by Kubrow laying low on all fours.
  • IconRaksa Raksa Kubrow – identified by Kubrow sitting upright.
  • IconSahasa Sahasa Kubrow – identified by Kubrow standing on all fours with its head low.
  • IconSunika Sunika Kubrow – identified by Kubrow pouncing with its front legs in the air.

Akbronco prime 90k Burst DPS [No event/primed mods

The Akbronco is not a secondary to sleep on. They may not be as powerful as the Akbronco Prime but they still pack a powerful punch that other secondary’s don’t. The Burst DPS on this weapon is crazy due to the ability to empty the whole clip in under 1 second. I usually use the Corrosive and Blast build on this weapon to complement its high impact damage.

AKbronco 3 forma 48k burst

A build that’s actually logical with reduced load time, only three forma, no expensive mods, 6 round clip, and corrosive for those void heavies. Although I wouldn’t recommend it as reload time is a must for akbronco, if you want max dmg, add another forma and replace quickdraw with magnum force for a 58k burst.


AkBolto – Max Burst 61k Sustained 19k. Special Mods

You will need a macro or bind the fire button to the mouse wheel in order to reach that DPS.

You can also use this build in the Void, just replace the Expel mod with Pathogen Rounds/Pistol Pestilence/Jolt/Scorch/Frostbite/Deep Freeze.
This will drop the Burst DPS to 53k and Sustained DPS to 17k.
Pathogen Rounds will drop the Burst to 56k and Sustained DPS to 18k.

This is the highest Burst DPS build possible.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Special Mods refers to Primed and Event mods, this build needs both.



Karak wraith : RPK in Space (5 forma 23k burst DPS)

Serration, Split Chamber, Heavy Cal, Bane mod are the basics.
Then a minimum of 3 elemental mods. That leaves you with 1 slot.
Which can be your ROF mod of choice.

In theory you can use vile acceleration, but with an ROF of 22 rounds a second, you will blow the entire magazine in just 3 seconds on full auto. So I opt for speed trigger instead. The ROF is still manageable for you to burst fire and hose down stuff if you need.

But do bear it in mind is that the Karak wraith while pretty powerful, it is not an endgame gun of choice. Raw DPS stuff like Boltor Prime and Soma Prime has it beat. However it can easily kill through most mid to high stuff without too much trouble.


Use Shred in the V polarity for punch through which allows you to multiple your DPS if you hit multiple targets. Then add a dual stat mod or rank 4 bane for the last slot.

Or alternatively Vile acceleration.
This bumps your ROF to 22 rounds a second and a DPS of up to 26k.
Not too shabby, but it is only great for bursting down hard targets.

Anything else, you will run of ammo fast.