Akzani 28K DPS 0.6K Fatal DMG

This is not an easy build, because will be using 4 formas and 1 special mod to get all of this power. While you are putting all of thing formas on it, you should think that this weapon is AWESOME, but WHY? Well… 210 ammo, 186 puncture DMG, is not the best status weapon, but that 20% will work.
In this build you can find 2 mod that may be hard to find: Primed Heated Charge and Bore (Can be changed by No return), but the remaining mods, are easy to find or get.
Here it´is an explication of the build:
1- We are going to use the normal mods that you would find in any build (Multi Shot and Hornet Strike)
2- Status mods. You wont find a good build with them, why? Extra DAMAGE against some type of enemies.
2- Gunslinger is one of those mods that you will find everywhere and that´s why it helps you with the DPS.
Now, joy!

Akvasto [PRIMED] 1 SHOT 1 KILL 2,93K BULLET [46938 DPS]

Well i do this bulid in the mind of maxed damage (with MAIM mod) of bullet becouse sometime i need this extra dmg to do 1 hit 1 kill enemies which is more economic due to akvasto have only 12 bullets, and 1.8s reload speed.

We can easly adjust elemental mods to the desired enemy type

Anyway here is a little comparision beetween MAIM+120% slash dmg vs COLD +60% freeze dmg which makes additional BLAST dmg with Fire elemental:

Now with Primed Heated Charge


AkSomati – Max Burst 54k. Sustained 33k. Special Mods

This build is to see what’s the max burst dps the AkSomatis can reach, you will need Primed Heated Charge in order to get this burst dps.

The AkSomatis have a high critical chance and critical damage so make sure to use Pistol Gambit and Target Cracker, the drawback of needing these two mods is that you won’t have so much elemental damage possibilites.
The other critical mods won’t be of much help if you want to raise the dps so i do not recommend those.
In this case for example, i used Radiation damage and i can’t add more than one type of elemental damage without lowering the dps (Burst and Sustained).

You won’t need more formas if you want more damage but i suggest you add a fifth forma so you can have as much flexibility as possible with the mods. I recommend 4 V polarities on the top and 2 dash (-) polarities on the bottom.

This build won’t be ammo efficient and i do not recommend it, i suggest to replace Anemic Agility with an Pistol Ammo Mutation mod, a faction damage mod or an elemental damage mod, this way you will have more sustained dps and better ammo efficiency.

Akmagnus 55% crit, 88% status viral, 26K DPS coupled with faster reload

this is NOT a build to cap out DPS with a modded mouse to shot this thing like a SMG. it is a build that does not add fire-rate but rather damage per shot for the player that favor accuracy over spamming ammo like a soma. or tricks you with a bane of something or another to give it 12K more to a faction.

i have made this build after looking up other peoples. it was the first sidearm i formaed and i still use it to this day. i came up with a kind of jack of all trades build that only uses 3 forma while still out “DPSing” most rifles. quickdraw can be removed and a mod that uses 9 slots can replace it if you don’t mind a slow reload.

from what the wiki says viral proc is counted before any form of damage. in other words you half the health of your target first with a 88% proc chance, hit them with the 55% crit chance, watch them fall over after 1 shot, then you remember “Notice me senpai!” right before a bullet enters your brain and spreads the thought all over the wall.

Aklato Maximum Sustained DPS [4038

This is the absolute maximum amount of -sustained- DPS that you can squeeze out of the aklato with the current mods. This is by no means the optimal build for your aklato since actually pulling the trigger fast enough to achieve the displayed DPS would wreck your trigger finger: This is just the mod set-up which mathematically yields the highest possible sustained DPS. Treat it more like a thought experiment than a practical build.