Braton Prime – Best Damage no H.Caliber [16k DPS | nice accuracy | cheap mods]

I really love the Braton. A perfect weapon, good in everything and perfect in nothing. No drawbacks, nothing annoying.

With this build you can max out the Braton’s damage potential without losing all your accuracy due to Heavy Caliber so that this gun stays a nice allrounder. And the point: The burst is even higher this way.

“Why crit mods?” you may ask. Well, the Braton’s base stats are pretty nice for crits and they offer the best DPS without losing anything. Trust me, I have experimented a lot.

This build also works well without this many formas – just add the crit mods last.

Boltor – 0 Forma – 4,2K Burst DPS

Well, this build is “somehow” easy to perform. Split Chamber will be the hardest mod to obtain in this, but just that.

– Magnetic DMG: You need to move Infected Clip next to the Cryo Rounds, you will use this against Corpus and Infested.

– Viral DMG: You need to move Stormbringer right next to the Cryo Rounds, you will use this build against Grineer.

Crit BOAR PRIME 40k burst (no fire rate mods)

Pretty much all shotguns’ crit chance and damage is negligible and not really viable to build around, but this one is not that bad actually. 40k burst DPS on a crit build!

Use the standard Primed Point Blank (or the regular one if you don’t have it – will lower DPS), Hell’s Chamber and Primed Ravage combined with Blunderbuss (if you don’t have Primed Ravage the DPS decrease will be signifincant and the build not viable). Use blaze as a 3rd damage mod after Point Blank and Vicious Spread.

Speaking of Vicious Spread, if the spread increase bothers you, there is no reason to use it. Change that V polarity to a —- and add a 90% elemental damage in its place.

Use the elements/ combined elements of you choice, there are pretty much no restrictions ( although Blaze, which you should always use, will have fire damage).

Attica 37k void DPS

Updated the average build here with Vile Acceleration instead of the inefficient Speed Trigger + Shred combo. Seems a bit endgame now, doesn’t it? I chose all of these mods because they give it the highest DPS possible for void.
It’s a bit fast so I’d recommend aiming down slightly after the first shot.

If you stack 4 Corrosive Projections swap out Stormbringer with Cryo Rounds, since without armor corrosive will do no good.

AMPREX 33k burst (Ridiculous red crit frenzy + high firerate)

This build is amazing for cluttered up enemies, the chained attacks flow through close by enemies dealing more bursts of damage. I based this build on getting critical hits, you have a 25% change of hitting a red crit with high firerate. Works well with Mirage and Vauban.