Javlok just throw it

If you got a riven for it, just remove Malignant. The more crit chance and damage will make it strong with the status counterpart.


Hema Status Grineer Shredder

This build is optimal for shredding high level grineer and corrupted grineer. The high status is extremely efficient at proccing the innate viral as well as the armor shredding corrosive. It also has the unique effect of returning health on headshots. This means heavy caliber is not recommended, but it also means that headshot punch through is extremely effective. Use wisely.


Cernos Prime: The Crowd-Sniping Weapon

The Cernos Prime introduces a new kind of weapon playstyle with its arrow-fan mechanic. Its arrows are shot side-by-side, angled so that the pattern spreads outward during flight.

You don’t snipe single enemies with this bow. Instead, you snipe -groups- of enemies. If aimed correctly, you’ll get a row of headshots on crowds when shot from far enough away, letting the pattern fan out enough. Learn what distance you find comfortable for unloading the entire pattern into one enemy, and the distance you need to snipe groups of enemies effectively.

Accuracy mods currently don’t affect the Cernos Prime, which could have something to do with the unique way it handles multishot (adding more arrows side-by-side instead of in a cone like normal weapons). Therefore, Heavy Caliber doesn’t make increase the pattern’s spread (although it would be nice if it did).

If you don’t have Pummel or Primed Cryo Rounds, you can replace them with other elemental mods, replacing the D polarity with a — if needed.


Vauban Prime – Excavation / Survival camp

This is a full duration build. If you want to use it as I built it, you should have an EV Trinity in your team, otherwise you should swap the Intensify to Fleeting Expertise for the lower efficiency. This build made for Excavation missions, like Core farming.

You can do a Survival camp Vauban too, it is not that hard, you have to exchange two Mods. First, the Augment Mod Repelling Bastille to Perpetual Vortex, and the Intensify to Overextended for the higher range. In this case EV Trinity is really needed.

2016-08-03 14_53_18-Warframe Builder

Red Furax For Valkyr

Great red crit build for Valkyr
I use berserker on normal frames and use Spoiled Strike on my valkyr moded for max power and duration Endless war sure there is no elemental combo it it but the red crits are great
2016-05-15 20_55_19-Warframe Builder